Teen throws woman on pool at pool party

Teen throws old woman on pool


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There is a big party going on in North Lauderdale, and 68 year old Nancy James, who is walking her two dogs, tells them to turn the music down. She is the neighborhood association, the party had gone out of control with over 100 people there.

The group doesn’t seem to care and laugh on her face when she confronts them, then someone can be heard screaming “throw her to the pool” and that’s when 16 year-old Leon Balfour picks her up… but end up slipping and both fall down to the ground hard.

The teen picks her up again and jumps with her to the pool. Everyone runs around in disbelief, and laughing about the situation.

Teen throws old woman on pool

Pool party viral vid

What happened next?

Balfour will be in house arrest for the next three months. They say he is a good kid.

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