Squeezing a wet towel in space! (Epic Vid)

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Space wet towel


This is an amazing video, check out how it looks like to wet a towel and wring it (squeeze/twist) where there’s no gravity.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield:

So here’s a soaking wet wash cloth, now lets stat wringing it in. It’s really wet. It’s becoming a tube of water. The water is all over my hands, in fact in wrings out of the cloth into my hands and if I let go of the cloth carefully, the water sticks to my hands

The experiment worked beautifully, the answer to the questions is the water squeezes out of the cloth and because of the surfaces tension of the water, it actually runs along the surface of the cloth and then up into my hand, almost like you have jello on your hand, and it will just stay there, and the cloth doesn’t really unravel itself, it stays there floating like a dog’s chew toy.
Great experiment

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